Latex-Suite Reference

Srinath Avadhanula

Mikolaj Machowski


Latex-Suite attempts to provide a comprehensive set of tools to view, edit and compile LaTeX documents in Vim. Together, they provide tools starting from macros to speed up editing LaTeX documents to functions for forward searching .dvi documents. Latex-Suite has been possible because of the contributions of many people. Please see latex-suite-credits for a list of people who have helped.

Latex-Suite is released under the Vim charityware license. For license and conditions of use look at |copyright|. Replace all occurrences of ``Vim'' with ``Latex-Suite''. The current copyright holders of Latex-Suite are Srinath Avadhanula and Mikolaj Machowski.


1 Installation and recommended Settings
2 Inserting Templates
3 Latex-Suite Macros
3.1 Environment Mappings
3.2 Command Mappings
3.3 Font Mappings
3.4 Section Mappings
3.5 Greek Letter Mappings
3.6 Auc-Tex Key Bindings
3.7 Diacritics
3.8 BibTeX Shortcuts
3.9 Smart Key Mappings
3.10 Alt Key Macros
3.11 Custom Macros
3.12 Making your own Macros via IMAP()
4 Package Handling
4.1 Inserting package commands
4.2 Actions taken for supported packages
4.3 Automatic Package detection
4.4 Writing supporting for a package
5 Latex Completion
5.1 Latex-Suite \ref completion
5.2 Latex-Suite \cite completion
5.3 Latex-Suite filename completion
5.4 Custom command completion
6 LaTeX Compiling
6.1 Setting Compilation rules
6.2 Handling dependencies in compilation
6.3 Compiling multiple times
6.4 Customizing the compiler output
6.5 Compiling parts of a file
6.6 Load log file after external compilation
7 Latex Viewing and Searching
7.1 Setting Viewing rules
7.2 Forward Searching documents
7.3 Inverse Searching
8 Latex Folding
8.1 Default Folding Scheme in Latex-Suite
8.2 Customizing what to fold
9 Multiple file LaTeX projects
9.1 Latex-Suite project settings
9.2 Specifying which file to compile
10 Latex-Suite Commands and Maps
10.1 Latex-Suite Maps
10.2 Latex Suite Commands
11 Customizing Latex-Suite
11.1 General Settings
11.2 Place-Holder Customization
11.3 Macro Customization
11.4 Smart Key Customization
11.5 Latex Completion Customization
11.6 Compiler Customization
11.7 Viewer Customization
11.8 Menu Customization
11.9 Folding Customization
11.10 Package Handling Customization
11.11 Template Directory Customization
12 Credits