11.7 Viewer Customization

11.7.1 g:Tex_ViewRule_<format>
11.7.2 Tex_ViewRuleComplete_<format>

The following settings affect how Latex-Suite will display compiled files.

11.7.1 g:Tex_ViewRule_<format>

Here <format> refers to a format such as dvi, ps, etc. This variable defines the program which will be called to display a file of that format.

By default, Latex-Suite defines viewer programs for viewing DVI, PS and PDF formats as follows:

g:Tex_ViewRule_dvi'yap -1''xdvi'

For Macintosh systems, these strings are left empty by default. This lets the system pick the program for each format. If you define these variables for Mac, the system choice will be over-ridden.

Latex-Suite appends file.format to the above settings while calling the external programs. For example, with

let g:Tex_ViewRule_dvi = 'yap -1'

yap is called as

!start yap -1 file.dvi

from within Vim. (The initial start is used on Windows platforms is to make yap start as a separate process.) If you find the way Latex-Suite constructs the command line too restrictive, you can use the Tex_ViewRuleComplete_format setting for more complete control on how the command line is constructed while calling the external program for viewing.


For windows, you will need to set the $PATH variable to include the paths to yap, AcroRd32, gsview32 and any other programs. See your system documentation for how to do this.

Default Viewing Format

To change the default format for viewing files, set the g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat variable.

11.7.2 Tex_ViewRuleComplete_<format>

Here <format> refers to the extension of a output format such as dvi, html etc.

Tex_ViewRuleComplete_format takes precedence over Tex_ViewRule_format if both are specified. By default, Latex-Suite does not define values for Tex_ViewRuleComplete_format for any format. Unlike in the case of Tex_ViewRule_format, Latex-Suite does not modify Tex_ViewRuleComplete_format at all in constructing the command line. The only modification is to substitute '$*' everywhere in the string with the name of the file being viewed (without the extension).


Make sure you make the process go into the background otherwise vim will wait for the viewer to terminate before letting you edit the file again.

To make a process go into the background on a *nix platform, use a trailing & in the setting. On Windows, use start at the beginning of the setting. Example: Suppose you have a latex->html converter which converts a file say foo.tex to a file foo/index.html. Then you would use:

" On *nix platform
let g:Tex_ViewRuleComplete_html = 'MozillaFirebird $*/index.html &'
" On windows platform
let g:Tex_ViewRuleComplete_html = 'start MozillaFirebird $*/index.html'