11 Customizing Latex-Suite

11.1 General Settings
11.2 Place-Holder Customization
11.3 Macro Customization
11.4 Smart Key Customization
11.5 Latex Completion Customization
11.6 Compiler Customization
11.7 Viewer Customization
11.8 Menu Customization
11.9 Folding Customization
11.10 Package Handling Customization
11.11 Template Directory Customization

Customizing Latex-Suite is done by defining certain global variables in $VIM/ftplugin/tex.vim, where $VIM corresponds to ~/.vim for *nix machines and ~/vimfiles for windows machines. This file is not part of the Latex-Suite distribution. You will need to create this file yourself (or modify it if it exists) if you need to change any default settings. Since this file is not included as part of the Latex-Suite distribution, it will not be over-written in subsequent updates.

The default settings in Latex-Suite are defined in $VIM/ftplugin/latex-suite/texrc. Please take a look at this file if you find this documentation incomplete or confusing. That file is also well documented.

This chapter describes the various settings which effect Latex-Suite and their default values. The settings are broken up into sections according to the behavior which they influence.