5 Latex Completion

5.1 Latex-Suite \ref completion
5.2 Latex-Suite \cite completion
5.3 Latex-Suite filename completion
5.4 Custom command completion

Latex-Suite provides an easy way to insert references to labels and bibliographic entries and also provide filename arguments to commands such as \includegraphics. Although the completion capabilities are very diverse, Latex-Suite only uses a single key (<F9> by default) to do all of it. Pressing the <F9> key does different things based on where you are located. Latex-Suite tries to guess what you might be trying to complete at the location where you pressed <F9>. For example, pressing <F9> when you are within a \ref command will try to list the \label's in the present directory. Pressing it when you are in a \cite command will list bibliography keys. Latex-Suite also recognizes commands which need a file name argument and will put up an explorer window for you to choose a filename.

Before you start with Latex-Suite's completion function...

Most of Latex-Suite's completion capabilities depend on the python interface of vim. Both python2 and python3 are supported. Hence,

python print "Hello."


python3 print("Hello.")

should work.