5.3 Latex-Suite filename completion

When you press <F9> at a location where Latex-Suite guesses a filename needs to be typed, then a new explorer window will open up with the list of files. You can use this window to change directories etc. Pressing <enter> on a filename in the explorer window will automatically close the explorer window, return to the location where you pressed <F9> from and insert the filename into that position.

Latex-Suite also tries to guess what kinds of files you might not want to insert and hides those accordingly. For example, if you press <F9> when you are located at \includegraphics{, then Latex-Suite knows that you will not want to insert .tex files. Therefore, the explorer window will automatically hide these files.

As of now, Latex-Suite recognizes the following commands for filename completion. Along with the commands, this table also lists the files which Latex-Suite will not show for completing each command.

commandhide pattern
\include \includeonly'^\.,\.[^t]..$'