3.4 Section Mappings

These maps insert LaTeX sections such as:


etc. Just as in the case of environments and fonts, can be enclosed with a visual selection. The enclosing is not sensitive to character or line-wise selection.

Mnemonic: (make your own!)

SPA for part
SCH for chapter
SSE for section
SSS for subsection
SS2 for subsubsection
SPG for paragraph
SSP for subparagraph

Example: SSE in insert mode inserts


If you select a word or line and press ,se, then you get

\section{section name}

The menu item in Tex-Environments.Sections have a sub-menu called 'Advanced'. Choosing an item from this sub-menu asks a couple of questions (whether you want to include the section in the table of contents, whether there is a shorter name for the table of contents) and then creates a more intelligent template.