3.7 Diacritics

These mappings speed up typing European languages which contain diacritic characters such as a-umlaut etc.

+<l>     expands to \v{<l>}
=<l>     expands to \'{<l>}

where <l> is an alphabet.

+}       expands to \"{a}
+:       expands to \^{o}

Latex-Suite also ships with smart backspacing functionality which provides another convenience while editing languages with diacritics.


Diacritics are disabled by default in Latex-Suite because they can sometimes be a little too intrusive. Moreover, most European users can nowadays use font encodings which display diacritic characters directly instead of having to rely on Latex-Suite's method of displaying diacritics.

Set the g:Tex_Diacritics variable to enable diacritics.