3.9 Smart Key Mappings

Latex-Suite ships with the following smart keys:

Smart Backspace.  Pressing <BS> in insert mode checks to see whether we are just after something like \'{a} and if so, deletes all of it. i.e, diacritics are treated as single characters for backspacing.

Smart Quotes.  Pressing " (English double quote) will insert `` or '' by making an intelligent guess about whether we intended to open or close a quote.

Smart Space.  Latex-Suite maps the <space> key in such a way that $ characters are not broken across lines. It does this by first setting tw=0 so that Vim will not automatically break lines and then maps the <space> key to insert newlines keeping $$'s on the same line.

Smart Dots.  Pressing ... (3 dots) results in \ldots outside math mode and \cdots in math mode.