3.9 Smart Key Mappings

Latex-Suite ships with the following smart keys:

Smart Backspace.  Pressing <BS> in insert mode checks to see whether we are just after something like \'{a} and if so, deletes all of it. i.e, diacritics are treated as single characters for backspacing. You might want to disable this feature, if you are editing Chinese, Japanese or Korean text.

Smart Quotes.  Pressing " (English double quote) will insert `` or '' by making an intelligent guess about whether we intended to open or close a quote.

Smart Space.  Latex-Suite maps the <space> key in such a way that $ characters are not broken across lines. It does this by first setting tw=0 so that Vim will not automatically break lines and then maps the <space> key to insert newlines keeping $$'s on the same line.

Smart Dots.  Pressing ... (3 dots) results in \ldots outside math mode and \cdots in math mode.