6.5 Compiling parts of a file

Latex-Suite also provides a way to compile a fragment of a document. This can be very useful while debugging a complex equation or one chapter in a book, etc.

To do this, visually select a portion of the text and press \ll while in visual mode. The visually selected portion will be saved to a temporary file with the preamble from the current document prepended. Latex-Suite will then switch focus to this temporary file and compile it. Continue to debug this file as required and then replace the portion of the original file with this one.

Pressing \lv while viewing the temporary file will view the output file generated from the temporary file, not the original file

Two commands |TPartComp| and |TPartView| are provided to be able to get this functionality via the command line.

From release 1.6 onwards of Latex-Suite, the temporary file created for part compilation will reside in the same directory as the file from which the fragment is being created. This ensures that any relative path-names defined in the fragment will still work. Latex-Suite will attempt to clean the temporary file(s) created when Vim exits.