7.1 Setting Viewing rules

In order to view the output files created by compiling the source files, you need to specify which external program Latex-Suite should call. You can specify the external program using one of two settings Tex_ViewRule_format or Tex_ViewRuleComplete_format. By default, Latex-Suite has default settings for viewing various common output formats via the Tex_ViewRule_format settings, so that if you are using commonly used programs, you should be all set to view compiled files from within Vim by simply pressing \lv.


The viewing function also takes the *.latexmain file into account to decide which file to show.

If pressing \lv does not work, then it most probably has to do with incorrect settings of the g:Tex_ViewRule_<format> where <format> is the format you are attempting to view. See the link above for how to set this according to your system.


On Windows and OS/X, you can leave the view rule empty to open the document with the default viewer on your system. On Linux/UNIX systems, you can use the xdg-open command to open the document with the default viewer.

In addition to viewing the files, Latex-Suite also supports forward and inverse searching for certain common tools for viewing documents. See the next few sections for details on forward and inverse searching, including an overview of viewers.