12 Credits

And finally, the credits:

Artur R. Czechowskimaintains the BSD package of Latex-Suite. Lots of valuable feedback.
Lubomir Host provided the diacritics and also helped in development.
Alexander Wagner valuable suggestions during development.
Luc Hermitte his variation of Stephen Riehm's bracketing system is used in Latex-Suite.
Gergely Kontra the clever little JumpFunc() in imaps.vim is due to him. The implementation of the templates also borrows from mu-template.vim by him.
Dimitri Antoniou author of ltags and also provided the nice tip about forward / reverse search on DVI documents.
Stephen Riehm the extremely helpful bracketing system is from him.
Alan Schmitt provided macros/folding elements. Continued feedback, bug-reports/fixes.
Hari Krishna Dara for ExecMap(), the clever little function which makes typing visual mode mappings so much easier and error-free.
Alan G Isac for the comprehensive BibT() function for entering bibtex entries.
Gontran Baerts for libList.vim
Peter Heslin useful discussion and also a lot of bug fixes. the %%fakesection in folding.vim.
Zhang Lin-bo lots of very useful additions to folding. The code for customizing the folding scheme is due to him.

A large number of functions in Latex-Suite come from various other people. Some of those people might have been missed here. Each function should however have the author's name/e-mail above it. Thats the more authoritative place to check out who has done what.

The current maintainer(s) of Latex-Suite is(are)

Srinath Avadhanula <srinath@fastmail.fm>
Mikolaj Machowski <mikmach@wp.pl>
Benji Fisher <benji@member.AMS.org>