A (very) quick introduction to Latex-Suite

Srinath Avadhanula


Latex-Suite is a comprehensive set of scripts to aid in editing, compiling and viewing LaTeX documents. A thorough explanation of the full capabilities of Latex-Suite is described in the user manual. This guide on the other hand, provides a quick 30-45 minute running start to some of the more commonly used functionalities of Latex-Suite.

1 Using this tutorial
2 Inserting a template
3 Inserting a package
4 Inserting an Environment
5 A few keyboard shortcuts
6 Folding in Latex-Suite
7 Inserting a Reference
8 Compiling a document
8.1 Debugging LaTeX source files
9 Viewing DVI files
9.1 Performing forward searches
9.2 Performing inverse searches
10 Conclusions