3 Inserting a package

Assume that we are writing a mathematical paper and we want to use the popular amsmath package. We will use some functionality which Latex-Suite provides specifically for including LaTeX packages, providing options etc. Navigate to before the \begin{document} line (The portion of the document before the \begin{document} is called the preamble in LaTeX). On an empty line in the preamble, type the single word amsmath and then press <F5> in normal mode. The line will change to


with the cursor positioned conveniently between the []'s. For now, do not worry about the trailing <++> at the end of this line. Assume we want to provide the sumlimits options to amsmath. You can either type in this option manually, or choose from a menu of package options which Latex-Suite automatically creates when you insert a package using <F5>. With the cursor still placed between the [], goto TeX-Suite > Packages > amsmath Options. Choose the sumlimits option. The package line should get converted to:


with the cursor before ]. Press <C-j> in insert mode. You will see the cursor jump to the end of the package line and the trailing <++> will disappear. What just happened?! You had your first taste of Placeholders. Read more about them (later) here. In short, pressing <C-j> in insert mode takes you to the next <++> in the text.