5 A few keyboard shortcuts

Now to type in the famous Euler formula. Our aim is to type

e^{j\pi} + 1 = 0

Instead of typing this blindly, let us use a few shortcuts to reduce movement. Start out by typing e^. Now instead of typing {, type another ^. You will see the e^^ change instantly to e^{}<++> with the cursor on <+content+>. (The ^^ changed to ^{}<++>.) Continue with the following sequence of letters: j`p. This will change instantly to j\pi. (The `p changed to \pi.) Having typed in all we need to type between the {}'s, press <C-j>. You will pop back out of the curly-braces. Continue typing the rest of the formula. Latex-Suite provides a large number of shortcuts which should making typing much more fun and fast if you get acquainted with them. A list is provided here. Definitely spend some time getting a feel for them. Most of them are pretty intuitive like `/ for \frac{}{}, `8 for \infty etc.

Now enter a label. Press <C-j> to jump to <+label+>. We will use eqn:euler. After typing in eqn:euler, press <C-j>. This will take you outside the curly-braces. Another time you used a Placeholder!

In order to understand the next section better, it will be helpful to have one more \label. Lets use the handy <F5> key to insert another equation. This time something simple like the following will do:

  1 + 1 = 2