8.1 Debugging LaTeX source files

To illustrate the debugging procedure, let's create a few mistakes in the file. Insert the following ``mistakes'' in the file:

This is a $\mistake$.
And this is $\another$

Now press \ll again. This time you will notice that after compilation finishes, the cursor automatically lands on $\mistake$. In addition, 2 new windows will appear as shown here:

The middle window is an Error List window showing you the errors which the latex compiler found. The bottom window is a Log Preview window, which shows you the context of the error made by displaying the relevant portion of the .log file created during the latex compilation procedure. Jump to the Error List window and try scrolling around in it using either the j, k keys or the arrow keys. You will notice that the Log Preview window scrolls automatically to retain the context of the error you are currently located on. If you press <enter> on any line, you will see the cursor jump to the location of the error. Latex-Suite tries to guess the column location as best as it can so you can continue typing straight away.