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Vim-Latex aims at providing a comprehensive set of tools so you can do all you lateking from within vim. Take a look at the screenshots to see a typical working session with latex-suite. Here's a brief tour of the various features:
  • Editing Latex-Suite ships with a very comprehensive set of insert mode and visual mode mappings and menu items to typeset most of the LaTeX elements. These range from 3 letter insert mode mappings which insert a skeleton of common typesetting elements to visual mode mappings which enclose the selected region in braces, parentheses, etc. The mappings can also be accessed via the menus.

  • Compiling You can compile the tex file from within vim. The list of errors is shown in a quickfix window so you can directly go to the location of an error. The compiler plugin can be dynamically reconfigured to show you more or less warnings.

  • Viewing By pressing a key from within vim, the .dvi viewer is started up. You can also do forward and inverse searching on your .dvi file from within vim.

  • Folding Latex-suite ships with the plugin SyntaxFolds.vim which is a plugin for creating "fake" syntax folds on the fly. The fold method is actually manual but the folding is based on LaTeX syntax. This offers a speed increase over regular syntax folding. When you open up a LaTeX file, all the portions will be automatically folded up.

  • Packages This module provides ways of customizing the menus based on which packages are being used in the current LaTeX file. When latex-suite first starts up, it scans the latex-master-file for \usepackage{name} lines and if the corresponding package is found in the latex-suite/packages/ directory, then creates a sub-menu based on the specification found in that file. See the list of currently supported packages.

  • LaTeX help file Latex-suite ships with the standard texinfo file translated into vim help format so that you can get help for common latex commands from within vim. You can view the HTML version of this file here.

  • Dictionary Latex-suite ships with a dictionary with over 600 LaTeX commands, which speeds up typing using the CTRL-X_d command of vim.

  • Customized Templates Latex-suite ships with some commonly used latex templates. It is trivial to add your own templates. The templates can contain dynamic data such as time of creation etc. See list of current templates.

  • Customized Macros Latex-suite makes it easy to add custom macros, again with the possibility of dynamic content and automatic cursor placement.

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