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Latest version

Currently only irregular git snapshots are provided. These and older releases can be found at the SourceForge Files for vim-latex page.

Installation Instructions

Step 1 of 4: Download and extract the archives

Extract one of the archives above into your ~/vimfiles directory (if you are using windows) or ~/.vim directory (if you are using *nix).

If you are updating after a long time, it might be a good idea to remove the ~/vimfiles/ftplugin/latex-suite directory from previous installations before reinstalling.

NOTE: If you already have some latex ftplugin files, read the Advanced Installation Instructions to make sure you do not over-write any of your files.

Step 2 of 4: Set a few things in .vimrc

The recommended settings for vim-latex in your .vimrc file are now only described in the vim-latex manual.

Step 3 of 4: Install the help files

To install the included latex-suite.txt and latexhelp.txt files as vim help files, start vim and do the following:

helptags ~/.vim/doc     (for *nix users)
helptags ~/vimfiles/doc     (for windows users)

Step 4 of 4: Done!

Thats it! You are done! Now start editing a latex file in vim. Latex-Suite should start up automatically. You can do
:help latex-suite.txt
from within vim to get the online Latex-Suite reference.

Other ways to keep up with changes

The sourcecode is managed using git. To access the repository, follow the instructions that are linked in the navigation bar.

Advanced Installation Instructions

If you have already have a system of filetype specific files (ftplugin, indent etc) files set up for the 'tex' filetype, then please make sure that Latex-Suite does not over-write your files.

The archive above will unzip in the following manner:
    |   ltags
    |       imaps.vim
    |       SyntaxFolds.vim
    |       libList.vim
    |   |   tex_latexSuite.vim
    |   |
    |   \---latex-suite
    |       ... latex suite files ...
    |          includes templates,
    |             macros etc
    |       latex-suite.txt
    |       latexhelp.txt
    |       tex.vim

The files shown in red will potentially over-write files already in your system. In this case, you will want to unpack the archive into a temporary folder and then copy over the files which you need. Note however, that this is not supported. You will have to take care of the bugs which you encounter because of this yourself.
©Vim-latexSuite Team 2002